Saturday, July 3, 2010

More sourdough??

Yup, that's right, more sourdough! On my quest to eat better and be in much better shape to get ready for ROGUE, I have decided to make Susan's Fruit and Nut Sourdough Somewhere in my head...I've decided dried fruits and nuts work well with carbs when pushing 21km...right? Right?!

Anyhow, slight modifications were made in this recipe. I reduced the salt down to 4g's because I was using salted nuts. I also didn't use her exact nut mixture. Instead I put in walnuts, pecans, slivered almonds, craisins, dried cherries, golden and sultana raisins and sunflower seeds and something else, which added up to 200g's total. I also found the dough quite difficult to work with since it was so sticky so as I added the fruit and nut mixture so what I did was wet my hands repeatedly.

Also, rather than the 2.5 final rest before baking, that had been shortened to 1 hour and then refridgerated. This was done because of my poor time management. Waiting would have led into the wee hours of the early morning!
Anyway, there's the final loaf. There's obviously not a lot of oven spring there, since the dough did over proof in the fridge. I am going to cut down on the amount of starter in the fridge and hopefully that will improve situations a bit. Other wise, apart from the bread being far too dense, the flavour is AWESOME by its own rights and definitely something I'm going to make again sooner rather than later.

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